ATHENS, GA 30605

Each fall, rising Sophomores have the opportunity to live in our beautiful historic home at 150 S Milledge Ave. 

The ADPi House is four floors. The first floor includes the dining room, kitchen (with a fabulous chef who cooks absolutely amazing food), TV room, foyer, mail room, and the Mediterranean Room. The chapter room is located on the lower first floor and leads into the courtyard and fountain area.  The courtyard is where girls eat meals outside when the weather is nice, study, or relax. One of our favorite parts of the house is our upper sun roof where girls can tan, study, or hang out! 


The second floor consists of one 3 girl room, the 6 girl Rooms and a corridor leading to the 2 girl halls.  The 6 girl rooms are larger and have living areas. They each have a name which were established decades ago and have stuck around since: The Pink Room, The Lav Room, The Yellow Room, and The Blue Room. The other part of the second floor leads to the top two girl halls.  The two girl halls have 8 rooms shared by a major bathroom. The third floor includes our study area and art room where we paint our banners and decorate for events. The study area in the attic is a great place to study during finals because it is very quiet and secluded. It also has great desk space and lamps for late night cramming!  


Living in the ADPI house is a great way to become closer with your pledge class and learn the history of our house.  It truly is our home away from home! 

Come visit us at:
150 S Milledge Ave
Athens, GA 30605
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2020 Beta Nu Chapter - Alpha Delta Pi